Call for papers

In the last twenty years, several periods of turmoil (the internet bubble, the subprime crisis, sovereign debt, etc.) have shaped the financial and economic system. Many regulatory policies, such as Basle 3, have been introduced to overcome further crises and scandals. In addition, monetary policy has experienced a transition from conventional to unconventional frameworks in both industrialized and emerging economies. For instance, turning to hedging and diversification of portfolios, commodities markets have attracted increasing interest. More recently, new forms of money have been introduced, such as virtual money (Bitcoin, among others), leading to a new bubble that might affect financial markets. These changes have influenced governance features at both macro and micro levels. Therefore, calls for more ethical and sustainable standards in finance and economic spheres have been growing since 2007. 

The current call for papers invites authors to submit proposals mobilizing different approaches to analyze the macro and micro effects of these changes on the financial and economic system.

This conference is organized by the Mediterranean Association of Economics and Finance (AMEF). We cordially invite academics, practitioners, and policymakers who address these issues to submit papers discussing the following topics: 

  • Financial economics
  • Financial crises and contagion
  • Financial econometrics
  • Behavioral finance
  • Asset pricing and derivatives
  • Debt issues
  • Market behavior efficiency
  • Financialization of commodities markets  
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate finance
  • Socially responsible investments
  • Ethical finance 
  • Sustainable development
  • Economic development
  • Islamic banking


The scientific and organizing committees welcome submissions in all areas of finance for presentation at the conference. Authors are invited to submit their complete papers (in English) in PDF formats via the conference website by no later than September 15, 2019. 

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