Publications Opportunities

The FEM-2019 is organized in partnership with the Bankers Market & Investors that will publish a selection of high-quality papers. The selection of special issue papers would address the challenges faced by investors, firms, and policymakers in the context of increased economic and financial uncertainty, as well as point out several perspectives for enhanced risk management. Pr. Zied Ftiti will handle, as Guest Editor, the special issue Uncertainty and Changes in Financial and Economic Systems.”


Moreover, in consultation with Pr. Kabir Hassan, some papers will candidate for publication in the Special issue related to Islamic finance in the global Finance journal managed by Pr. Kabir Hassan


Special Issue in the "Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting"ranked ABDC "Accounting information in modern society: Do ethical issues matter?". Guest Editors: Pr. Neia Boulila & Pr. Zied Ftiti. 



 " Papers the examine Big Data or analytics and their effect on Accounting, Auditing, Finance, or Management will be considered for publication in the special issue of Accounting Research Journal subject to the normal journal editor review and approval." 



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